How to Improve Meeting Notes with Custom OneNote Templates

We are all guilty at some time or another of leaving a meeting and not knowing who has next steps or action items. Creating a standard template can help organize your notes and keep everyone on the same page. If you're a OneNote user, it's easy to create a custom template and email it out directly from OneNote.

Our sales team has been using a custom OneNote template to record and email meeting minutes. Using this template has saved time and increased customer satisfaction. Rather than waiting hours (or days) for the sales person to go back and type up hand written notes, we're now able to provide meeting notes within minutes. 

Here's how we do it.

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PTG Earns Two New Microsoft Cloud Competencies

Greenville, SC — Palmetto Technology Group (PTG) – an Office 365 Specialist and IT support company based in Greenville, SC– today announced it has renewed two of its Microsoft competencies for Cloud Productivity (Gold level) and Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions (Gold level).

PTG also earned two new competencies for Cloud Platform (Silver level) and Enterprise Mobility Management (Silver level). To earn these Microsoft Competencies, partners must pass a series of exams to demonstrate their expertise and submit numerous customer references.

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From the Trenches: Lessons to Learn from a Data Breach

More and more customers are embracing cloud services. The benefits are clear: less capital expense, simplified management, access to important data across devices and without the hassle of VPN. However, some of these benefits can expose your business to unnecessary risks if extra security precautions are not taken into consideration. 

That was the case with a customer who recently experienced a data breach. For their privacy, we aren’t including their name. 

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How to Improve Your Security with Multi-Factor Authentication

It’s no secret that the cyber security landscape is getting scarier every day. Ransomware is spreading like wildfire and cybercriminals are getting better at their job – and make no mistake, cyber-crime is an industry. According to some experts, “If you haven’t been hacked yet, the chances are even greater in 2017.”

It is easy to understand why security experts and business owners are scrambling to come up with ways of making it harder for unauthorized users to enter their network. One of the best methods for controlling access has actually been around for a few years: Multi-Factor Authentication.

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Congratulations to the 2016 PTG Award Winners!

Each year, PTG celebrates our previous year and kicks off our current year in an annual “Kick Off” Party. It’s a great time to reflect on the previous year while also setting our sights on how best to serve our customers and our team members in the upcoming year.

Traditionally, we have given away a few awards to recognize those who really went above and beyond in their role. I wanted to take a few moments to share our award winners for 2016 with you. If you see them or talk to them on the phone, please tell them congratulations!

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Microsoft & Office 365 Updates (January 2017)

Microsoft kicked off 2017 with updates geared towards integrating existing products to making working from any location and any device easier and safer. They also released a new product designed to make managing shift employees easier. 

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Why You Should be Using Office 365 Audit Logs

As IT professionals we get asked to fix things daily (which is fine because that’s our job), but every once in a while, we find ourselves fixing the same issue over and over again. Something like a file getting deleted typically isn’t a huge issue since it can be restored. If the same file has to be restored multiple times, there may be a deeper problem. For Office 365 users, this is where audit logs come in handy.  

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Are you giving cyber criminals easy access to your data?

Small and midsize businesses are big targets for cyber criminals. IBM estimates SMBs are the target of 62 percent of all cyber-attacks (around 4000 every day). It’s very likely if you haven’t already been a target, you will be soon. Recovering from a cyber-attack isn’t easy – 60 percent of small businesses that fall victim to an attack fold within six months .
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How to Budget for IT Support

This post is the last in a series about budgeting for IT costs. Previous topics include budgeting for equipment and budgeting for people and growth

The final piece of building your annual IT budget is to determine how much you should budget for IT support.  CIO Magazine lays out some good rules of thumb in this article.  On average, they found that SMBs spent 6.9% of revenue on IT.  Keep in mind that this is total IT cost – not just support.   


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Watch Out for This Office 365 Phishing Email

Office 365 users are now being targeted in a pretty convincing looking phishing attack. 

Phishing attacks, a common tactic used by cyber criminals to try to trick you into giving them your information, are nothing new. In fact, it's likely if your company has already been targeted by phishing (and if you haven't been, it's a matter of when - not if) and it's getting harder and harder to spot the malicious emails. 

The Office 365 phishing attack we've seen going around recently is a perfect example. 

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