FAQ: How do you prioritize service requests?

On average, we receive about 40 new service requests (we call them ‘tickets’) a day. Some days that number can be much higher. Tickets can be anything from a password reset for a user to printer issues for a department to a server outage affecting an entire company.

Managing and prioritizing these tickets is a job in itself. Our dispatcher and service team leadership have to decide in what order these tickets are worked on (hint: it’s not first come, first serve) and who will work on them. We use a few different criteria, the main being client agreement and issue severity.

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How to Set Up Office 365 Password Admins

As a Microsoft Partner, it's rare that a day goes by where we don't get a few requests for Office 365 password resets. We get it - a user sets their password, never logs out and ends up forgetting what they made their password (we're just happy you aren't using the same password for every account!).

While we certainly don't mind changing passwords (and if your Microsoft admin or partner does mind, you need a new one!), it is actually pretty easy to handle this internally so you don't have to wait for us. In Office 365, you can set up a user (called a Password Administrator) specifically to handle password change requests.

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Top 5 Mistakes Companies Make with Office 365

So, you’re planning to implement Office 365 (or maybe you already have implemented one or more features). Good call! If you're a large business it makes sense to move to the cloud versus more capital expense in data centers and servers. Or if you're a smaller business the benefits of a cloud suite greatly outweigh the inefficiencies of free email and file sharing systems.

But moving to the cloud isn't necessarily going to solve all your productivity and security problems without some work on your end. We've helped hundreds of companies move to Office 365 and have seen most companies succeed, but we've also seen companies struggle to see a return on their investment. The companies that struggle tend to make one or more of these mistakes:

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Are you paying for internet speeds you’re not getting?

One of the best things a business can do to improve productivity is to provide employees with reliable technology that doesn’t slow them down. A major piece of this (especially for companies with cloud based applications) is your internet speed.

Current provider speeds range from 20 MB/s to well over 200 MB/s compared to the old T1 speeds of 1.5 MB/s. Unfortunately, there are businesses who are paying for very fast connections from their providers but aren’t getting what they are paying for – and not because their provider is ripping them off. Many companies aren’t getting the performance they’re paying for because they’re using an old firewall.

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Microsoft & Office 365 Updates (February 2017)

Manage your Security and Compliance Risk

Your Office 365 Secure Score is an analytic tool designed to apply a score to your current Office 365 security set up. Not only does the Secure Score help you understand your current position it can also display how adding additional controls can reduce your risk. The Secure Score is by no means is a guarantee that you will not be breached but rather a guide to your risk.

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Top 6 Security Features in Office 365

As more and more businesses move to the Cloud, the misconception that the cloud isn’t safe is slowly going away. Business owners understand that Cloud companies like Microsoft and Google have more resources dedicated to security. Don’t believe it? Here’s how Microsoft keeps Office 365 secure.

But it’s up you to make your own environment secure. If you’re an Office 365 user, there are plenty of apps and features in Office 365 (and availble add-ons) to help you do that. These are our favorite Office 365 security features and add-ons. We use all of these in our own organization.

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How to Improve Meeting Notes with Custom OneNote Templates

We are all guilty at some time or another of leaving a meeting and not knowing who has next steps or action items. Creating a standard template can help organize your notes and keep everyone on the same page. If you're a OneNote user, it's easy to create a custom template and email it out directly from OneNote.

Our sales team has been using a custom OneNote template to record and email meeting minutes. Using this template has saved time and increased customer satisfaction. Rather than waiting hours (or days) for the sales person to go back and type up hand written notes, we're now able to provide meeting notes within minutes. 

Here's how we do it.

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PTG Earns Two New Microsoft Cloud Competencies

Greenville, SC — Palmetto Technology Group (PTG) – an Office 365 Specialist and IT support company based in Greenville, SC– today announced it has renewed two of its Microsoft competencies for Cloud Productivity (Gold level) and Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions (Gold level).

PTG also earned two new competencies for Cloud Platform (Silver level) and Enterprise Mobility Management (Silver level). To earn these Microsoft Competencies, partners must pass a series of exams to demonstrate their expertise and submit numerous customer references.

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From the Trenches: Lessons to Learn from a Data Breach

More and more customers are embracing cloud services. The benefits are clear: less capital expense, simplified management, access to important data across devices and without the hassle of VPN. However, some of these benefits can expose your business to unnecessary risks if extra security precautions are not taken into consideration. 

That was the case with a customer who recently experienced a data breach. For their privacy, we aren’t including their name. 

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How to Improve Your Security with Multi-Factor Authentication

It’s no secret that the cyber security landscape is getting scarier every day. Ransomware is spreading like wildfire and cybercriminals are getting better at their job – and make no mistake, cyber-crime is an industry. According to some experts, “If you haven’t been hacked yet, the chances are even greater in 2017.”

It is easy to understand why security experts and business owners are scrambling to come up with ways of making it harder for unauthorized users to enter their network. One of the best methods for controlling access has actually been around for a few years: Multi-Factor Authentication.

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