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Save Your Small Business by Doing These 5 Things During the COVID-19 Crisis (Part 2)

Save Your Small Business by Doing These 5 Things During the COVID-19 Crisis

Virtual Happy Hours and Pet Photos, Expert Advice on the Social Side of Working from Home.

3 Great Resources to Keep You Mentally Healthy During COVID-19

Working from Home During the Coronavirus? Here's What You Need to Know.

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How To Protect Against A Data Breach In 2020 - 3 Often Overlooked Ways.

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Windows 7 End of Support is Less Than 3 Months Away. Here's a Readiness Checklist for You.

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Don't Fall For Threatening Phishing Emails, Do This Instead.

TechLink, A New Greenville Business & Technology Conference is Designed to Serve Today's Modern SMB

How To Protect Yourself Against 99% of Cyber Attacks

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New Phishing Attacks Mimic Branded Microsoft 365 Login Pages

Use These Outlook Hacks For Better Email Management

These Were The Scariest Reveals From 2019's DEF CON Hacking Conference

How To Scale Your Business: 3 Rockefeller Secrets used by PTG

You Just Lost Your Laptop, Now What?!

How To Stop Wasting Time Looking For Files.

HIPAA Tips for Healthcare Orgs, Don't Get Fined!

What Will Windows 7 End of Life Mean for Businesses?

This Type of Phishing Attempt is Especially Damaging

These 4 Tech Innovations Displayed at Microsoft Inspire are Full of Rich Opportunities.

Email Tips You Might Not Know About

Is The Future of the Cloud Underwater? Microsoft Thinks It Is.

5 Ways to Stay Productive During The Summer

This New OneDrive Feature Puts Focus on Enhanced Security

5 Things a Managed Service Provider Should Be Doing For Your Business

Why Patches and Network Upgrades are Important

Where, How and Why to Pin Documents

How To Collaborate, Share, and Manage Files in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft 365 Compliance, What You Need to Know

Holy Cyberattack Batman! What Is EternalBlue And Are Your Devices Still Vulnerable?

Check Out These New Meetings and Call Features in Microsoft Teams!

There's A Hacker At The Airport Who Wants To Steal Your Data

What Is An Always Connected PC? And What Are They Good For?

Memorial Day Memories -- The Military's First Computer

PTG Founder/CEO, Reed Wilson Shares The Business Books That Have Helped Him The Most

Homeland Security Recommends These Office 365 Practices To Avoid Getting Hacked

What Does the Future of Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence Look Like?

Windows 10 May 2019 Update, What You Need to Know

Alexa and Cortana Are Working Together

What 3 Recent Breaches Can Teach Us

A Cloud Expert Shares The Biggest Mistakes Users Make When it Comes to Data Storage

Watch Out for These New Office 365 Phishing Attacks

7 Leadership Principles from Dell That You Can Adopt To Become a Better Leader

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Should You Get A Microsoft Surface Studio 2?

Use Forms to Take the Pulse of Your Team

How to Master the Meeting with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Office 365 is Being Adopted and Used at an Enormous Rate

You Won't Believe All of the New Features in Microsoft Teams

What You Should Know About The New Chromium-Based Edge Browser

Microsoft 365 Business Can Make Companies More Productive and Connected. Is It The Right Choice for Your Business?

Meet the Man Whose Phishing Scam Robbed Google and Facebook of Millions

3 Great Cloud Benefits for SMB's

Watch Out for This Nasty Spoofed Blackmail Attack

Teams vs. Slack - What's Better for Your Business?

I Watched a Real Hacker in Action and Here's What I Learned.

5 Reasons OneDrive is a Great Cloud Solution for iOS

Top 5 Reasons to use the Outlook App on iOS

Is This the Year Everyone Realizes What a Great Cloud Solution OneDrive is?

The Healthcare Industry is Getting A Huge Productivity Boost, Thanks to Microsoft Teams

Best Practices for Securing Business Devices When Someone Leaves Your Company

Laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones All Create Attack Paths to Your Network - Here's How Endpoint Security Blocks Them.

When Your Password Isn't Enough to Protect Your Identity

Windows 7 vs Windows 10: What’s the difference?

How To Host Productive Meetings Like A Pro This Year

The Problem with Getting Your Office 365 Contacts on an iPhone

Microsoft's MyAnalytics Will Show You How Much of the Day You're Wasting

60,000 New Emails! What to Do If You Get Subscription Bombed-Part 2

60,000 New Emails! This is What Happens When Your Inbox Gets Subscription Bombed.

Why You Should Be Using a Modern Microsoft Sharepoint Site for Flexible, Fast, Mobile-friendly Networking.

What's Your Cybersecurity Score? Take this Free Security Health Check Test from Microsoft to Find Out.

If You Only Add One Thing to Office 365 Make it This

Let's face it, focusing is hard!

Top 5 Ways to Keep Things Going During the Winter Weather

Use Microsoft Flow to Match SharePoint File Names to Titles

How to Add Additional Time Zones and Holidays to Your Outlook Calendar

Quick Cybersecurity Tips for Holiday Travelers (and the employees covering them)

We moved! + Three Reasons to Include Your IT Company Early in an Office Move

These Disturbing Extortion Emails Use Real Information to Trick You

Best Programs for Managing Projects in Office 365

Four Practical Password Tips You Can Actually Follow

What You Need to Know This National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

That Mortgage Document Email May Be Phishing

What You Need to Consider Before Implementing BYOD

Four Things You Didn’t Know You Could Insert Into an Outlook Email

Can you spot a phishing attack? [Quiz]

Save Time in Microsoft Teams with Slash Commands

Five Things Every Office Manager Needs to Know About Cybersecurity

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Implementing New Technology

Watch Out for This Multi-Step Phishing Attack Costing Companies Thousands of Dollars [Video]

When You SHOULDN’T Move Your Business to the Cloud

When should I upgrade my business from Office 365 to Microsoft 365?

Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics vs. Advanced Threat Protection: What’s the difference?

How You Make It Easy to Guess Your Password

3 Ways to Prevent a Cybersecurity Breach from Ruining Your Vacation

Nine Office 365 Apps You May Not Know About (But Should)

Could your vendors’ cybersecurity put you in danger?

5 Ways to Improve Your To-Do List

6 Things Every Financial Services Firm Needs to Know About Cybersecurity

How Cybercriminals Use Current Events to Target You

What You Need to Do to Secure Your Company's Office 365 Environment

Microsoft 365 Announcements You May Have Missed

Three Major Reasons You Should Talk to Your IT Company Before Switching ISPs

Why CEO Impersonation Attacks are So Hard for Spam Filters to Catch

How to Solve Most Basic Printer Issues

How Two-Factor Authentication Can Stop a Cyberattack in Its Tracks

Our Favorite Features for Saving Time in Outlook

Why You Should Pay the Extra Fee for Domain Privacy

Why the Real Estate Industry is a Prime Target for Cybercriminals

Sway vs. PowerPoint: What's the difference?

What is a Fractional CIO and Why Should I Use One?

Watch Out for These Fake Social Media Security Emails

How to Automate Your To Do List

The Scary Reality of the Silent Cyberattack

What You Need to Know About Office 365 Before You Buy It

Don't Shortchange Technology in Your Small Business

Watch Out for These W2 Phishing Emails

Watch Out for These "Secure Email" Phishing Emails

2017 PTG Award Winners

How to Reset Windows Hello Biometrics

Your New Year’s Resolution: Make Cybersecurity a Habit

Our Top Blog Posts of 2017

How Cybercriminals Use Your Sense of Urgency Against You

How to Prevent Common Mistakes in Outlook

How to Choose the Right Office 365 Plan for Your Business

5 Ways Outsourcing Your IT Support Can Help Your Bottom Line

Why Punishment Shouldn’t Be Part of Your Cybersecurity Plan

5 Steps for a Successful Office 365 Migration

The Pros and Cons of Microsoft 365

Four Types of Phishing Emails Targeting Businesses

What is Shadow IT?

FAQ: Is Office 365 Secure?

Cyber Security in a Cloud World

Ignite 2017: What you need to know

Running Office 2007? Time to upgrade.

What Role Does IT Support Play in the Modern Company?

What makes a company one of the Best Places to Work?

Tips and Tools for a Happy and Productive Remote Team

The Busy Professional's Guide to OneNote

Watch Out for this Fake Office 365 Spam Message

Five Fast Facts about Microsoft 365

Why You Should Be Testing Your Employees' Data Security Knowledge

Microsoft 365 vs. Office 365: What’s the difference?

From the Trenches: Reused email causes SharePoint Issue

From the Trenches: Out of Office Phishing Scam

What Happens When Ransomware isn’t Really Ransomware

How to Do Data Security on a Small Budget

Five Things to Look for in an IT Support Company

Cyber Security Q&A: The Basics for Business Owners

How to write a communication plan for successful IT Support

Windows 10 Pro vs Enterprise: Which is better for business?

Two Reasons You Should Be Tracking Usage in Office 365

Lessons to Learn from the Biggest Cyber Attack in History

What’s this “MyAnalytics” thing in Office 365?

The Best Apps for Staying Productive While Traveling

Microsoft and Office 365 Updates (April 2017)

How to Prevent Data Leakage from Hurting Your Business

Protecting Your Data from Physical Threats

What to do in Office 365 when an Employee Leaves

What to Know Before Moving Your Files to SharePoint

Microsoft and Office 365 Updates (March 2017)

Why Data Security Should Be Treated as an Operating Expense

FAQ: How do you prioritize service requests?

How to Set Up Office 365 Password Admins

Top 5 Mistakes Companies Make with Office 365

Are you paying for internet speeds you’re not getting?

Microsoft & Office 365 Updates (February 2017)

Top 6 Security Features in Office 365

How to Improve Meeting Notes with Custom OneNote Templates

PTG Earns Two New Microsoft Cloud Competencies

From the Trenches: Lessons to Learn from a Data Breach

How to Improve Your Security with Multi-Factor Authentication

Congratulations to the 2016 PTG Award Winners!

Microsoft & Office 365 Updates (January 2017)

Why You Should be Using Office 365 Audit Logs

Are you giving cyber criminals easy access to your data?

How to Budget for IT Support

Watch Out for This Office 365 Phishing Email

Microsoft & Office 365 Updates (December 2016)

2016: By the Numbers [Infographic]

2016 Review: Data Security Threats and Trends

Stop Storing Your Passwords on Your Desktop

How the Cloud is Empowering a Digital Transformation

Microsoft & Office 365 Updates (November 2016)

What to Know About Office 365 Before You Buy It

The New Chat-Based Workspace in Office 365

How to Choose the Right Firewall for Your Business

Microsoft & Office 365 Updates (Oct 2016)

IT Budgeting: Equipment

Migrate Your Small Business to Office 365

The Importance of Keeping Your Security Systems Updated

4 Programs to Better Manage Projects in Office 365

Microsoft & Office 365 Updates (Sept 2016)

Why the Yahoo Hack Matters to Your Business

IT Budgeting: People and Growth

How to Customize the App Launcher in Office 365

How to Recover a Deleted File in SharePoint

Microsoft & Office 365 Updates (August 2016)

Why We Changed Our Website and URL

How to Publish Your Outlook Calendar Online

7 Steps for Success When Upgrading Your Technology

How to turn your PowerPoint into a video with Office Mix

Recent Microsoft Updates - July Recap

PTG Named 2016 US SMB Champions Club Southeast Cloud Partner of the Year

How to Prevent Spoofed Email Attacks From Hurting Your Business

Three Critical Questions to Ask About Your Data Backups

Thoughts from Microsoft WPC

Staying Productive as a CEO in an Always-On World

How to use Delve Analytics to Improve Your Productivity

The Importance of Open Communication with IT Support

Three Reasons Your Sales Team Should be Using a CRM System

3 Features We’re Excited About in SharePoint 2016

How to Protect Your Business from Data Security Threats

4 Things to Look for in a CRM System

Why We Don’t Open Unsolicited Resumes

How to Set Up Text Alerts for Calendar Changes

Rethinking Your Conference Room and Huddle Spaces

Where should I put my stuff in Office 365?

Why you should use Clutter in Office 365

Why Running Outdated Technology Is Bad for Business

Why We're Using Advanced Threat Analytics

The Pros and Cons of Office 365 for Business

Protecting Your Company from CEO Impersonation Attacks

4 Tips for Cutting Down on Email Clutter

How to View Encrypted Office 365 Emails from a Non-Office 365 Account

How to Spot Phishing Emails

8 Things You Should Know about OneDrive for Business

Office 365 Home vs. Business

6 Things You Need to Know about Office 365 Planner

How We Weathered the Storm

How To Protect Your Data When Terminating An Employee [Checklist]

7 Things to Try During Your Office 365 Trial

What You Need to Know About Ransomware

6 Technology Resolutions for 2016

Our Top Blog Posts of 2015

Getting the most out of your relationship with your IT company

How to Budget for Technology Costs as an SMB

How to keep your data safe while shopping for the holidays

The Do's and Don'ts of Secure Passwords [Infographic]

Office 2016 is Here… So What? 

Addressing the biggest security threat to your business

How to Prevent and Opt Out of Reply All Messages

What are Office 365 Groups and Why Should I Care?

Busting the most common small business data security myth

Data Security Round Up: Our top advice

Office 2016 vs Office 365: What’s the difference?

Addressing security concerns in Windows 10

Customizing Email to Protect Sensitive Data in Office 365

Preventing Data Breaches with Mobile Device Security

How to Make It Easier to Schedule Meetings

5 Questions to Ask When Replacing Your Server

How to Separate Names into Columns in Excel

How To Protect Patient Data with Encrypted Email

Upgrading to Windows 10: 4 Features We Love

Think twice before mapping a document library in SharePoint!

Where to Store Your Files in Office 365

Fixing Embedded Yammer Feeds in IE

6 Tips to Keep Your Data Safe on Vacation

Staying Informed with the Office 365 Administrator App

Powerpoint vs. Sway: What's the difference?

How to Find Everything You've Tagged in OneNote

Get Back to the Basics of Data Security

OneDrive vs Sharepoint: Understanding the Difference

How to Make Sharepoint Easier to Access

Discover These Two Lesser Known Office 365 Programs

3 Common Security Threats and How to Stay Safe

How to Change Your Office 365 Billing Information

Using Social Media Inside Your Business with Yammer

Save Time and Better Visualize Your Data

Stop Wasting Time Searching for Files

HIPAA, HITECH and Storing Sensitive Data in the Cloud

3 Reasons Why We're Using Office Lens

Using Outlook Features to Make Email Easier

Where is the word count in Microsoft Word for iPhone and iPad?

How to turn off OWA sound notifications in Office 365

Migrating Your Servers at the End of Service

How to view permission in SharePoint Online

Productivity on the Go: Microsoft on Mobile

What Happens to My Data if My Office 365 Subscription Lapses?

How Secure Is Your Password?

OneDrive–Confusing, but Powerful

Using filters in Microsoft Outlook to make your life easier

Microsoft Outlook Productivity Savers–Volume 1

Configuring Office 365 on your iPad or iPhone

How to turn names into email addresses in Excel

Microsoft PowerPoint Security Bug–All in the news

Review of Surface Pro 3

Working with OneDrive for Business for iOS

Why do my deleted messages have a ‘strikethrough’ in IMAP on Outlook?

Configuring the CRM Email Router for CRM Online and Office 365

OneNote Modern (Metro) App Sign In Issues

Confused By All The New "Gadgets"...

(Unlicensed Product)...(Protected View)

SharePoint Misconceptions

Why a ‘Social’ Strategy inside your Business Matters (Part 3)

Why a ‘Social’ Strategy inside your Business Matters (part 2)

Why a ‘Social’ Strategy inside your Business Matters

Heartbleed...Vulnerability, not a virus!

Office 365 for Non-profits: Low-cost technology for a major impact

Office for iPad–What you need to know

How do I modify the password settings for my users in Office 365?

Security - Part 2 - Too Good To Be True

Security - Part 1 - Passwords

Outlook IMAP setup messages marked for deletion

What the iOS vulnerability really means

Outlook 2013 Retention Policies

Forwarding your Office 365 Mailbox to another user

Forcing Compatibility Mode in IE

Easily Switch Between Office 365 Plans

How do I add myself to Yammer Groups?

Adding users to your Yammer Group as an Admin

How do I set admins on groups in Yammer?

Making fields searchable in Dynamics CRM 2013

Real Time Collaboration in Office Web Apps

Blocking the Cryptolocker Virus in Office 365

Sharing your Calendar in Office 365 via Outlook Web App

Cryptolocker Virus–30 days later

Enabling External Communications (Federation) for Lync in Office 365

Turning off Automatic Image Downloads in Outlook

Setting your daily digest settings on Yammer

how do i view or increase my storage limit on dynamics crm online?

Facebook Scams and Security - A Common Question

New Lync Apps for Windows Phone and iOS

Microsoft Surface - Screen Dimming?

Where's my Gallery View in Lync?

Why I love Office 365 as the CEO of a Small Business - Part 3

Microsoft Surface RT – 2 Months Later

What is the maximum number of items in a sharepoint online list or library in Office 365?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2011 Log In Loop with Live ID

Windows 8- A Fresh Look at Microsoft’s Latest Operating System.

Clearing the cache on SharePoint Designer 2010

Traveling with the Microsoft Surface RT

Google leaves its Google Apps users in a lurch

Using Target Audiences for Sharepoint Online in Office 365

Mass Delete Documents from the Office Uploader

Why I Love Office 365 as the CEO of a small business–Part 2-Your biggest asset is inside your employees’ heads

Why I Love Office 365 as the CEO of a small business–Part 1

Installing Lync Online for Office 365

Make sure your attendees are ready to join your Lync Meetings

How can I check in several documents at once in SharePoint Online?

How do I delete a document from a SharePoint Document Library?

Updating your time zone for Exchange Online in Office 365

Sharepoint implementation methodology–why it matters

What are sharepoint online views and why should I care?

Set up Manager in Exchange and SharePoint Online in Office 365

Conducting meetings directly from Lync Online in Office 365

How do I view my used storage in SharePoint Online for Office 365 - P1 Plan?

Modify Time Zone in SharePoint P1 Plan - Office 365

Object reference not set to an instance of an object

Be careful where you click!

Travel a lot? Have a partner or customer in a different time zone?

Make the Quick Access Toolbar Work for You

Where did they hide the 'Signature' creator in Outlook 2010?

Quickly add a contact to Outlook contacts

Acceptable Characters in SharePoint

How can I keep something similar to the Epsilon data breach from impacting my business?

Top 10 Office 365 Questions - Answered!

What does the Epsilon data breach mean for me? - Part 1

BPOS and Office 2011 for Mac

I never knew that was there....

Customer interactions

Quickly Post Repetitive Text into Outlook

Outlook 2010 Best Practices

BlackBerry Services will be included in Office 365 - For Free

Maximum attachment size in BPOS?

Office 365 - SharePoint Online Comparison

Manage your user preferences in Live Meeting

How many participants can join a Live Meeting in BPOS?

Distribution groups with multiple domains in BPOS

Add a lookup to a SharePoint List in BPOS

How to create a distribution list in BPOS

Work in two Excel windows side by side

Reply to an email and set up a meeting - with one click

Mashable's Productivity Tips

BlackBerry vs Droid

When is 'good', good enough?

Time Matters v10 - where did my Outlook Add-in go?

Cloud - Where's the complexity?

WSS 3.0 Automatic Logoff

OneNote - It Rocks!

Continuing to invest in our business to support yours

Do you know your best customers?

Windows 7 Favorite #7

Windows 7 Favorite #6

Windows 7 Favorite #5

Windows 7 Favorite #4

Windows 7 Favorite #3

Windows 7 Favorite #2

Top 5 SharePoint Best Practices

Windows 7 Favorite #1

My favorite 7 things about Windows 7

How to delay outbound messages from Outlook

How hard is it to do business with you?

Why Dell Managed Services could fail, part 2

Get started

Why Dell managed services could fail

When installing Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 goes wrong on SBS 2003

Overlay Multiple Outlook 2007 Calendars

Free Acrobat Forum for Legal Professionals - August 6

Upgrade the OS on a BlackBerry Storm (for BB Professional Users)

Beware of Virus' spread through Twitter

Google Chrome OS users 'don't have to deal with viruses'.

Windows SharePoint Services v3.0 - Corrupted View

BlackBerry Shortcuts

The Complete Guide to Microsoft Office 2010

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