How hard is it to do business with you?

How hard is it to do business with you?


We recently upgraded our accounting software - we haven't yet taken it into the cloud because I just can't make the economics work.

I am amazed at the number of hoops that you have to jump through in order to get to actually use the software:

-Install the software
-Input user code
-Input license code
-Uninstall all the 'extra' stuff that is installed during the upgrade that you really don't need
-Confirm that you don't want your accounting software provider to also host a website for you (how it this a complementary offering?)
-Register the software
-Input all your company demographics
-Dial a call center in India
-Give them all the same demographics you just put into the form to get the number you just called
-Get placed on hold for 7 minutes while they generate the license code

This seems very 1995ish to me.

It makes you think - how hard is it for your clients to do business with you?

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