Why I Love Office 365 as the CEO of a small business–Part 1

Why I Love Office 365 as the CEO of a small business–Part 1


It’s no secret that we (PTG) are big fans of Microsoft’s Cloud offering, Office 365.  It brings together really awesome technology on a single platform – SharePoint Online for collaboration, Lync for real-time messaging with employees and partners, and Exchange for enterprise class messaging, calendaring, and tasks. Clearly we are a little biased as a Microsoft Tier 3 Cloud Champion (Microsoft’s top designation for Cloud partners) and Cloud Accelerate Partner – but I decided to write a series of blog posts on why I love Office 365 as a CEO of any small business – not necessarily a technology company.  What most folks don’t know about me is that I am really not a techie – and that’s the position I will take in these posts.  How does Office 365, with the tools that I use everyday, help me get my job done as the CEO?

The tools that I use are nothing fancy – Apple iPad 2 (cellular and WiFi enabled), Windows HTC Trophy Phone (Verizon), a Dell Latitude, and the Office 365 E3 Plan – tools that every CEO has in his/her toolkit.  (Note: I previously used an Apple iPhone and this process worked well on that platform as well.  I recognize that I am in the minority when it comes to the Windows Phone, but I dropped my iPhone at Disney World and it destroyed the screen.  But, the Windows Phone does rock.)

Stay tuned to this blog over the course of the next few weeks as I post things.  There isn’t any real structure here – I am just posting my thoughts and experiences as they come to me.

If you have a specific question about how you might be able to leverage Office 365 – send me an email direct at info at and I will be glad to address any specific use cases as I can!

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