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Submitted by Gary Byrne, System Engineer at Palmetto Technology Group, an Outsourced IT Support and Office 365 Specialist based in Greenville, SC.

How to fix “Unlicensed Product” error for Office products?

Recently, I’ve had several calls with Microsoft Office 2013 users who suddenly get an “Unlicensed Product” red banner across the top of their Office product even though their Office license is valid.  When you click on File – Account, the Product Information shows that it is properly activated.  Of course, this can be very frustrating, but luckily, the solution can be quite easy.

Give this a try for a quick fix.

  • Make sure all your MSOffice applications are closed, including logging off of and exiting Lync.
  • Find your Word or Excel application and right-click on it and choose to open it as Administrator.
  • Click on File – Account and under User Info choose to Sign out, then sign back in (make sure you make note of which email account you are using with your product before you sign out).
  • Close your Office application and then reopen it…your Application should now be fixed.


If for some reason this does not work, you may have to check and see if you have any other accounts connected to the Products.  Choose to run Word or Excel as Administrator again, then go to File – Account, and under Connected Services, remove any associated accounts except the one you are using to log into your Office Product.

Connected Services

As a last resort, you may have to run a script file to re-register your license.  Once again, make sure all your Office programs are closed.  Next, open a Command Prompt window as Administrator by clicking on Start and in the search field type in cmd and right-click the Command Prompt to Run as Administrator.  In the Command Prompt window, navigate to %Program Files%\Microsoft Office\Office15 (if you have a 32-bit Operating System, replace %Program Files% with %Program  Files(x86)%), then type in cscript ospp.vbs /act and hit Enter.  The output should read Product Activation Successful.


If I had my guess though, you won’t need to go farther than opening your Office product as an Administrator, logging off and back in, then restarting the Product.  I hope this gives some quick relief to a frustrating issue.

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