Confused By All The New "Gadgets"...

Confused By All The New "Gadgets"...


Submitted by Graham Cobb, Projects Manager at Palmetto Technology Group, an Outsourced IT Support and Office 365 Specialist based in Greenville, SC.

Are you confused by all the new gadgets that say they can make your Cloud experience the greatest? I believe I have found the one device that is not only top notch for your business needs but also favors well for personal use. I am talking about the Lenovo X230t, I use this machine daily and am impressed every time I tackle a task or a project. This thing is a work horse that will stand the test of time. I have an i7 with 16 GB ram and a solid state drive which blows most machines out of the water. If your company is looking for the next upgrade our sales team can get a demo out to your location. Speaking of the cloud and Windows 8 (, having a touch screen is becoming a must, you are in luck the x230t comes touch screen ready with a stylus. I am finding more and more that during meetings I will hand write notes using OneNote and sync it to SharePoint for use later. I love having the confidence that when I go into a meeting my machine can keep up while working on multiple items all while having a long battery life that charges very quickly. Trust me, next time your machine is running slow or when you are ready to see what life would be like having a machine that can meet your demands take a look at the x230t, go with the extra ram and a solid state drive and you will never look back.

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