Need to Boost Productivity? Check Out These New Teams Integrations.

Need to Boost Productivity? Check Out These New Teams Integrations.


Too many apps. To-do lists that are too long. Never a good way to keep everyone on the same page... 

If any of these problems have bothered you lately, check out these helpful tips. 

Add Planner to a Teams Channel

If you're not already using Microsoft Teams, you can skill up on the basics quick with our popular "Become a Teams Ninja" 2-week training course. It's free, fast and the best way to learn Microsoft Teams. 

Once you're running on Teams, organize your tasks by adding one or more Planner tabs to a team channel.

Planner and Teams Video

You can keep track of a group's plans without ever leaving Teams. Remove or delete your plan, and get notified in Teams when a task is assigned to you in Planner. If you're a manager, you can also assign tasks to other team members. 

There are several ways to open your plan in Teams

  • On the channel tab where you created it, select your team and channel, and then select the plan tab.

  • From the app, in the left column, choose More options ..., and then select Tasks by Planner and To Do. Choose All and then scroll to find the plan you created. 

  • From Planner for web: 

    • Go to the Planner Hub and scroll down to find your plan in Recent plans or All plans, then select Open in Microsoft Teams.

    • Find and open your plan in Planner for web. Then, at the top of the plan, select Open in Microsoft Teams.

Using Planner with Teams is an easy and efficient way to keep everyone on the same page. 

Check Off To-Dos in Teams

You can also view your to-do list in Teams. 

There are two places to view your list: 

  1. As an app on the left side.
  2. As a tab within individual teams. 

You can't add a To Do tab to a channel, but any tasks that are assigned to you in Planner will show up in To Do. 

Add tasks in Teams

Replace the Teams Wiki with OneNote

Every new teams channel gets a wiki by default. If you want a more searchable, useful app, remove the Wiki and add OneNote instead. 

Wiki remove screenshot Teams

Find the Wiki tab, click it to show the drop down menu, select Remove

Next, click the plus sign, choose OneNote from the app choices. 

Add a OneNote tab to a channel.

Once OneNote can be accessed within Teams, you can do everything you normally do using OneNote online without leaving Teams: 

  1. Share your notebooks or pages for productive collaboration.
  2. Create whiteboards and meeting notes with your team. 
  3. Copy and share the link to a note. 
  4. Link to pages.
  5. Search efficiently across all your notes and notebooks.
  6. Voice record your ideas.
  7. Categorize and prioritize notes with tags.

OneNote is a great organizational and collaboration tool. It's actually an app that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella uses to stay productive every day. 

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