Control Who Accesses What: Microsoft's New 3 in 1 Identity and Access Management Tool

In recent years, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have increasingly become the target of cybercriminals, as they are perceived to be more vulnerable and less prepared to handle attacks. Accenture's Cost of Cybercrime Study reveals that 43% of all cyber-attacks are directed at SMBs, however, only 14% are adequately prepared to protect themselves against these attacks. Additionally, according to Ponemon Institute’s State of Cybersecurity Report, 2 in every 3 SMBs have experienced a cyber attack in the past 12 months and almost half admit that their processes are ineffective at mitigating attacks.

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Bank Failures Increase Number of Scams: 6 Ways to Protect Your Business

Bank failures are not uncommon, but they can create a ripple effect on the economy and on individuals' financial well-being. Recently, two large banks failed, and a third bank is on the brink of failure. These failures are not only concerning for the customers of these banks but also for other financial institutions and businesses that may become targets for scams and phishing attacks. In today's post, we discuss the threat of downstream scams and phishing and provide tips on how to protect your business amidst this global event.

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How to Use Planner and To Do to Crush Your Daily Tasks

Take a look at your computer desk area. Your greater workspace, if you will. Are there countless sticky notes with important information strewn about? Sheets of loose-leaf paper with notes and reminders hanging off your desktop computer with a single piece of tape? Is your to-do list on the back of some old envelope? Are you even writing a to-do list?


We don’t want to attack you on this beautiful day, wherever you’re reading this from, but if you’re here and responded like a vampire to garlic at any of the above accusations, it’s probably likely Microsoft Planner can help you get organized and be more productive.

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What is Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance?


A recent Upwork study found around a quarter of the professional workforce will work outside of the office by 2025. This shift to remote and hybrid work, away from the traditional ‘inside our four walls’ business model means the reliance on cloud and SaaS platforms, such as Microsoft 365, has drastically increased.


And if you’re reading this, that probably means someone at your office – or more likely a team – works remotely and you’ve got questions. Microsoft 365 is an excellent tool with plentiful security features that will keep your business compliant and working.

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Microsoft 365 vs. Office 2021: What’s The Difference?

Remember back in grade school, you learned about how all rectangles are squares but not all... wait, no, all squares are rectangles but not all... Anyway, the point is sometimes things are difficult to understand.


Here at PTG, we pride ourselves on unscrambling the proverbial egg. Understanding the differences between Microsoft 365, Office 365, and Office 2021 is a proverbial egg we can unscramble!


And while we like to mix metaphors, our goal is never to mix you up about the topic at hand. So let’s dive right in, shall we?

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