Microsoft Azure: What is it and How Does it Help Small Business?

Businesses around the country – and the world for that matter – have been spending quality time devising the right balance of on-premises vs. cloud computing, with many landing somewhere on the hybrid spectrum of solutions. But no matter how exactly it can benefit your small business, our current reality is cloud computing enables organizations of every size to grow well beyond previous expectations. 


When doing research on the topic it may feel like the tools and resources are endless and boundless. From car dealerships to caddies and well beyond, tools aid in every kind of decision-making situation. No, we’re not talking about PAT from the 1999 Disney Channel Original Movie Smart House (did you know it was directed by LeVar Burton??), but instead a collection of advanced programs that give businesses everywhere tools they would otherwise not be able to afford to house. 

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On-Premise vs. Cloud: Which is Better for You?

To continue our mini-series on cloud migration topics, we wanted to lay down a figurative gauntlet that can help you decide between two incredibly useful, and fairly different, ways to compute for your business, namely picking either On-Premis or Cloud computing. 


While IT teams of every size consider the best options for deploying digital workloads, these days the choice always seems to come down to these two options. Public cloud resources offer extraordinary scalability, lower operating costs, and boundless access to new technologies – but on-premise infrastructure offers more control, dedicated security options, and internal visibility. 


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How Does the Cloud Benefit Small Business?

While corporations may have the resources to staff a full IT department, small businesses often have to leverage as many useful automated tools and systems as possible to keep up. Every industry has a host of CRMs, marketing platforms, and other generalized services that help every kind of organization keep up, but there’s one term that seems to connect everything these days: The Cloud. 


This isn’t a Ted Talk about how to read altocumulus or cirrostratus clouds (how about that for a throwback to your Environmental Science class, Mrs. Nichols?) but instead a quick look into how taking a simple step with your business can unlock a whole new world of potential for your organization. 


In this blog, we’re going to cover what the cloud is, why small businesses are moving their work there, and what exactly are the key benefits of moving to the cloud. 

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What is Wire Fraud and How Do You Prevent It?


You wake up to an email from your favorite major music streaming service. It asks you to sign in to the streaming service to confirm your interest in your favorite band’s upcoming performance in town.  


It seems weird but you’re groggy and click through, entering your credentials but finding a dead-end on the next screen. Heading back to the email, you start suspecting things aren’t what they seem, and this email that came from a streaming service is a little… Phishy. 

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7 Steps to Effectively and Securely Onboard and Offboard Employees


Sani was here when you got here and is ready to leave amicably for greener pastures after nearly a decade of influential time on the job. At the same time, you’re ready to onboard new hire Aleksandr to fill Sani’s role, but this is the first time you’ve been in charge of the full onboard/offboard process, and there are a few questions you have lingering.  


No, we can’t read your mind, we’ve just done this kind of thing once or twice before and know the ins and outs of how to handle personnel shifts with ease.  


In this blog, we’ll cover a number of important best practices for onboarding and offboarding employees. This information will aid in how you handle what should, besides learning a new secret handshake and losing your favorite meal from the company potluck, otherwise be a regular, painless process for your team 

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