How the Cloud is Empowering a Digital Transformation

Over the past year, Microsoft has continued to make vast strides in the growth of ‘The Cloud’. Their goal ‘to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more’ is turning into more of a reality every day due to the innovation of not only Microsoft (and other cloud providers), but also customers and partners like PTG. 

So, how are they expanding the cloud, and how does it affect you? For starters, you need to recognize one major thing – the cloud is no longer coming. It’s here. Several years ago, the technological world went through a major transformation as cloud hosted email providers became common (think GoDaddy, Yahoo Small Business, or Microsoft’s BPOS). No longer did a company have to acquire and maintain an expensive Exchange server to have a custom email address. Any small business could do it.

We’re currently in the middle of another digital transformation. More and more companies are moving away from on-premise hardware and location based networks to cloud applications, allowing their employees to work from any device and any location.

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