These 7 Advanced Tips Will Revolutionize How You Use Microsoft Outlook


Like the hoodie hanging on your door, Microsoft Outlook is often used but hardly ever truly appreciated for everything that can be. From inserting things into Outlook messages to cross-utilizing your calendar and so much more, you’re probably already using the program more than your average bear, especially if you’re here reading this. 


But yes, as we’re often asked, there are definitely tons of additional features that Microsoft Outlook offers that stand miles ahead of simply sending emails with calendar attachments. In this blog, we’ll cover a good number of those features and provide you with some real-world examples of how these tools can benefit your team. So let’s get started! 

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Do THIS After You’ve Been Phished

This blog isn’t about fish, fishers, or fishing of any kind. Nor is this about the jam band your brother Spencer followed around for a few years after college. This blog is about one of the most pervasive and surprisingly effective tools that nefarious types use to gain access to your information: Phishing.


Statista posits that 320 billion emails were sent in 2021 and 375 billion are estimated to be sent by 2025. That is 12,000 emails per second, meaning there are a whole bunch of opportunities for phishing to happen.


And it seems, no matter how robust your system and strategy, phishing attempts still find success. Those trying to access your information are getting better at slipping those phishing attacks through the weak spots in platform email defenses. Leaning on a variety of advanced techniques, they're also doing more targeting and research on victims than ever before.

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5 Crucial Steps to Take After Your Email Has Been Compromised

Written by Hope Rickerd and Tom Farr, PTG employees


Your phone dings. The message is dire. You’ve suspected the worst. And the worst has happened: An account on your network – maybe even your own – has been compromised. 


The good news is a breach can be isolated and managed, especially if you’ve taken proper preventative measures. The fight to mitigate risk begins with a solid data security plan but continues every day. In the unfortunate and problematic event that you are compromised, use the steps below to help guide what you and your team should do immediately. 


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You Need to Be Aware of This New Payroll Fraud Scam!

Before the Coronavirus outbreak, payroll scams were already increasing. Now, with bad guys seeing workers more dependent on getting paid on time, this type of phishing fraud is happening even more. 

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Use These Outlook Hacks For Better Email Management

Learn about Outlook calendar syncs, distribution lists, shortcuts and more.

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