60,000 New Emails! What Happens When Your Inbox Gets Subscription Bombed.

Hopefully, you’ve never run into this problem, but if you have and you’re looking for answers... Welcome. Refreshments are on the left.


One day you open your email to find that you’re bombarded with “Thank you for your subscription!” messages in all sorts of different languages from every corner of the internet. You obviously couldn’t have done this, nor would you have, but the subscriptions exist regardless.

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Do THIS After You’ve Been Phished

This blog isn’t about fish, fishers, or fishing of any kind. Nor is this about the jam band your brother Spencer followed around for a few years after college. This blog is about one of the most pervasive and surprisingly effective tools that nefarious types use to gain access to your information: Phishing.


Statista posits that 320 billion emails were sent in 2021 and 375 billion are estimated to be sent by 2025. That is 12,000 emails per second, meaning there are a whole bunch of opportunities for phishing to happen.


And it seems, no matter how robust your system and strategy, phishing attempts still find success. Those trying to access your information are getting better at slipping those phishing attacks through the weak spots in platform email defenses. Leaning on a variety of advanced techniques, they're also doing more targeting and research on victims than ever before.

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How to Protect Your Business From This $43B Scam

We hate click-bait titles so here’s the gist quickly. 


First, the FBI recently reported business email compromise attacks were up 65% from July 2019 through December 2021 and totaled $43 Billion dollars – that’s BILLION with a B – in reported losses from June 2016 through July 2019.  


Additionally, if you and your team do business on the internet, you are at risk. Okay, that sounds click-baity, too, but it’s absolutely true. We’ve said it over and over. There are plenty of proactive options to build a strong strategy. 

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5 Crucial Steps to Take After Your Email Has Been Compromised

Written by Hope Rickerd and Tom Farr, PTG employees


Your phone dings. The message is dire. You’ve suspected the worst. And the worst has happened: An account on your network – maybe even your own – has been compromised. 


The good news is a breach can be isolated and managed, especially if you’ve taken proper preventative measures. The fight to mitigate risk begins with a solid data security plan but continues every day. In the unfortunate and problematic event that you are compromised, use the steps below to help guide what you and your team should do immediately. 


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Here's How A Nigerian Email Scammer Stole Millions from US Businesses Before The FBI Finally Caught Him.

"I am a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation
(“FBI”), and have been so employed since approximately March 2015...I primarily investigate cyber-enabled fraud and business email compromise (“BEC”) schemes," that's how the FBI's criminal complaint against Ray "Hushpuppi" Abbas begins. Abbas is the Nigerian man accused of participating in a massive email scam operation targeting US businesses. 

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