These Were The Scariest Reveals From 2019's DEF CON Hacking Conference

DEF CON is the world's largest underground hacking conference. It's been running since 1992 and is always a wealth of information about cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

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Watch Out for This Nasty Spoofed Blackmail Attack

Every day our cybersecurity team investigates and fights against a wide variety of phishing emails and spoofing attacks.

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I Watched a Real Hacker in Action and Here's What I Learned.

Okay, quick disclaimer, no crime was committed here. This person agreed to demonstrate how hackers operate as part of a service to keep business owners informed about the type of threats that are out there. This type of attack is happening to someone right now, every day of the week.

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60,000 New Emails! What to Do If You Get Subscription Bombed-Part 2

This is Part 2 in a Blog Series About Email Subscription Bombs, Read Part 1 Here.

Email Security Best Practices

While every type of attack can't be stopped, it is crucial to make email safety a priority.

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60,000 New Emails! This is What Happens When Your Inbox Gets Subscription Bombed.

Hopefully, this has never happened to you.

You open your email on Monday morning to find that you’re bombarded with “Thank you for your subscription!” emails in all different languages.

They come from newsletters you never signed up for. This is called a “Subscription Bomb,” and while not as prominent as some recent phishing scams, our expert techs have helped clients who have been bombed to mitigate their risk and configure their email settings to fight off future attacks.

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