Microsoft 365 vs. Office 2021: What’s The Difference?

Remember back in grade school, you learned about how all rectangles are squares but not all... wait, no, all squares are rectangles but not all... Anyway, the point is sometimes things are difficult to understand.


Here at PTG, we pride ourselves on unscrambling the proverbial egg. Understanding the differences between Microsoft 365, Office 365, and Office 2021 is a proverbial egg we can unscramble!


And while we like to mix metaphors, our goal is never to mix you up about the topic at hand. So let’s dive right in, shall we?

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3 Benefits For SMBs Switching To The Cloud

It may not have the same name recognition as the current Hybrid Work Revolution, but servers are also getting an away-from-the-office rebirth right now. Where once technology was entirely in-house, the last few years have pushed even small businesses to rethink how they compute – and what they use third-party.


Our refrain in nearly every blog we’ll write is always “if it fits for your team, you should try it” because, well, going serverless may not be for everyone. But if you’re selling yourself short by thinking your business is too small or couldn’t benefit and you haven’t done the research, then we’ve got some food for thought.

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Five Easy Ways to Strengthen Your Cloud Security

The security world once was able to (safely) gather and discuss all things topical and relevant to the industry during the 2022 RSA Conference. There were tons of takeaways, with one survey of attendees finding remote work was the number one concern for 17% and ransomware affecting 19% the most. But the main concern for the largest group, 37% of the attendees, was cloud security.  


And while we’ve touched on security topics from specific things like protecting against $43B scams and how Microsoft Azure works to why more cyber security training is important, nothing quite scratched the itch on the best ways to beef up cloud security. 

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Use These 5 Tips When Collaborating Externally in Office 365

Sharing content externally is easier than ever. Thanks to the cloud, you can do all kinds of things with data that would otherwise be impossible. The shift from a technology-driven to an intent-driven approach with Microsoft’s suite of offerings means end users are able to collaborate with the right people anywhere they are. 


Even with all the fancy technological advancements, external sharing remains a business risk. Any time something gets shared outside of your team, a door is opened for intruders. In a survey conducted by ShareGate, State of Microsoft 365: Migration, Modernization, and Security in 2021, only around 64% of IT teams manage or otherwise control the way each team works with people outside the company.  

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When Shouldn't You Migrate to the Cloud?

For all the good and wondrous things the mononymous “Cloud” can do for businesses, there’s a reason our refrain is always the same to our clients: Use what you need and not an ounce more. And while some of the talking heads around the IT community believe the Cloud is the be-all end-all for everyone everywhere, the reality is some teams just can’t leverage the tools. 


So rather than continue on about how glorious each individual tool is for your group – which we can and will do if you’re looking for that kind of information – we wanted to put together a much more practical look at some of the reasons your team may not turn to the Cloud for answers.  


And quite frankly, this blog as a whole is in no way an attempt to talk you out of or into utilizing specific tools, but an honest look at situations we discover every day for our clients, presented in a way that allows you to cross items off your own list at the same time.  


So without further adieu, let’s begin!  


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