Where, How and Why to Pin Documents


If you've ever wondered what Microsoft programs allow pinning and how it might be useful, we’ve got you covered here. We are bombarded every day by so much digital information that any action that aids focus is a benefit to your productivity.

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Microsoft 365 Business Can Make Companies More Productive and Connected. Is It The Right Choice for Your Business?

We have found there is still some confusion out there regarding the difference between the Microsoft 365 plans and just the cloud-based version of Office 365. Check out our earlier blog post which dives into those differences specifically.

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Best Practices for Securing Business Devices When Someone Leaves Your Company

Employee Retention is at An All-Time Low

According to Work Institutes 2018 Employee Retention report, employers paid a whopping $600 billion in turnover costs in 2018! Maybe that's because according to their findings, 1 in 4 employees left their current job for a new one in 2018. Read More »

Windows 7 vs Windows 10: What’s the difference?

If you're a Windows 7 user, you may have already heard that mainstream support for Windows 7 has ended and security updates will stop in 2020. This means the time to upgrade to Windows 10 is now. 

For the most part, Windows 7 was a reliable operating system. However, you will really enjoy the user-friendly components and increased security that Windows 10 provides. 

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