Windows 7 Favorite #2

Windows 7 Favorite #2


The taskbar in Windows 7 is dramatically different. This takes some getting used to - but once you get rocks!

I've got a just a few items that I use most frequently on my task bar (IE, Windows Explorer, Calculator, Outlook, Windows Messenger, and a link to our Customer Relationship tool).

Windows 7 stacks your open instances of each of these applications on top of one another, and when you hover your mouse over, it gives you a quick view of the instances that are open. Hovering your mouse over the preview gives you a full screen preview of the instance. Much better than using ATL+TAB to go between your windows.

You can rearrange the order just by clicking and dragging the icon to the left or right. Right clicking on the icons also brings up a quick menu of tasks associated with that application. For example, right clicking IE will allow you to open closed tabs or start a new session. Right clicking Outlook 2010 allows you to quickly create an email or new appointment.

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