The Small Business Guide to Cyber Insurance

Insurance can be a fickle thing.  


If you’re unlucky enough to be in a car accident, it can be as much of a life-saver as your seatbelt and airbag systems. But often, policies can feel redundant or over the top, like when you got that volcano insurance 


The reality is insurance is more than just coverage in the case of an accident or problem. And cyber insurance, in this volatile and uncertain internet age, is more of an answer to your concerns than you know. 

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Two-Factor vs. Multifactor Authentication: What's the Difference?


No matter the industry you’re in if you’re collecting information, you should be protecting that data. And to protect that data, you’ve undoubtedly run into phrases like single-factor, two-factor, and multifactor authentication – and the responsibilities that go come collecting all that data. In nearly every instance that breaches occur, the missteps can be boiled down to simple problems like weak credentials and poor security standards. (Go ahead and take the sticky notes with your passwords off of your computer monitor before you read the rest of this.)

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20 Cyber Insurance Questions That Can Help Lower Your Premium


Cyber Insurance protects one of the most important assets your company has- your data. With recent high-profile security incidents, requirements are tightening to qualify for reasonable cyber insurance premiums.

Use the questions below to prepare yourself for the questions you will encounter when applying for and renewing your cyber insurance.

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