Watch Out for These "Secure Email" Phishing Emails

We typically stick to writing about phishing emails and attacks aimed at businesses, but a recent trend has us making an exception. We’ve seen a HUGE uptick recently in a type of phishing emails targeted at individuals: emails posing as an encrypted email notification. Sometimes, these are pretty generic. Sometimes, they’re much more detailed and look like emails about mortgages or title loans.

The scariest part of this trend? These are convincing – some of the most convincing we’ve ever seen. Most have had very few warning signs that they’re a phishing email.

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What Role Does IT Support Play in the Modern Company?

As technology expands to impact nearly every business process, from customer service to business strategy, the role of the IT department is expanding along with it. IT support is no longer only responsible for setting up computer systems, maintaining the server, and running the help desk.

The IT team is the keeper of the treasure that data has become. With IT’s services, leadership teams can better understand their customers, predict changes in the market, understand how to streamline business processes for improved productivity, determine where inefficiencies are cutting into profits, and spot new opportunities for innovation and growth.

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Five Things to Look for in an IT Support Company

In a small business, it’s not uncommon for technical problems to be handled be whoever happens to be the most tech savvy person on the team. That can work for a little while, but it’s not a sustainable practice.

Your team should be focused on meeting your organizational goals – not dealing with technology problems. Outsourcing your IT needs can help alleviate the burden so you can get back to business.

Here are five things to look for when looking for an IT support company:

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How to write a communication plan for successful IT Support

A large part of what we do as an IT Support company is deliver complex IT projects, from line-of-business application upgrades up to cloud migrations. In our experience, people focus so heavily on the technology that they forget about the people that are going to be using the technology.

Don’t get me wrong, the technology is important – but if people don’t understand how they are going to be impacted, what they need to do, and when they need to do it; the project has failed before it even starts. A comprehensive communication plan is vital to any IT Support project success.

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FAQ: How do you prioritize service requests?

On average, we receive about 40 new service requests (we call them ‘tickets’) a day. Some days that number can be much higher. Tickets can be anything from a password reset for a user to printer issues for a department to a server outage affecting an entire company.

Managing and prioritizing these tickets is a job in itself. Our dispatcher and service team leadership have to decide in what order these tickets are worked on (hint: it’s not first come, first serve) and who will work on them. We use a few different criteria, the main being client agreement and issue severity.

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How to Budget for IT Support

This post is the last in a series about budgeting for IT costs. Previous topics include budgeting for equipment and budgeting for people and growth

The final piece of building your annual IT budget is to determine how much you should budget for IT support.  CIO Magazine lays out some good rules of thumb in this article.  On average, they found that SMBs spent 6.9% of revenue on IT.  Keep in mind that this is total IT cost – not just support.   


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How to Budget for Technology Costs as an SMB

Hard to believe it’s almost the end of the fourth quarter of 2015! This is usually the time of year when people reflect back on the past year and start to plan for the new year - including budgets.

IT and technology costs can often be overlooked when budgeting for the next year. Here are a few items to keep in mind when setting your budget (we're primarily covering hard costs here, but just as important, is IT support to ensure your technology is actually working for you).

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