How To Stop Wasting Time Looking For Files.

If you've ever spent the better part of an afternoon trying to find the right version of a file to send a co-worker or email a prospect, you're not alone.

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Microsoft Office 365 is Being Adopted and Used at an Enormous Rate

Under the leadership of Satya Nadella, Microsoft has regained the ground it lost to other tech giants in previous years and is set to capture even more attention and market share in the years to come.

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You Won't Believe All of the New Features in Microsoft Teams

Teams has become our go-to communication and meeting hub - to the point where we don't even have to send internal emails anymore!

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Teams vs. Slack - What's Better for Your Business?

As the modern office becomes a blend of on-prem and remote workers, collaboration software is becoming a necessary inclusion for office productivity.

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Best Practices for Securing Business Devices When Someone Leaves Your Company

Employee Retention is at An All-Time Low

According to Work Institutes 2018 Employee Retention report, employers paid a whopping $600 billion in turnover costs in 2018! Maybe that's because according to their findings, 1 in 4 employees left their current job for a new one in 2018. Read More »

When Your Password Isn't Enough to Protect Your Identity

Ten years ago, it wasn’t that hard to protect your online accounts – a simple password would do just fine for the most part (along with the knowledge that the Nigerian prince emailing you wasn’t really a Nigerian prince). In today's advanced cybercrime world, protecting your identity is a lot harder than it used to be.

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The Problem with Getting Your Office 365 Contacts on an iPhone

At PTG, we enjoy being able to solve user problems with Office 365. It's this commitment to the user experience that has helped make us a Microsoft Office 365 Partner of the Year, multiple years running. 

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Microsoft's MyAnalytics Will Show You How Much of the Day You're Wasting

Working smarter - not harder is a goal for many people this year. As screen time and the number of meetings increases for just about everyone across the board, Microsoft has responded by launching a productivity tool called MyAnalytics.

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60,000 New Emails! What to Do If You Get Subscription Bombed-Part 2

This is Part 2 in a Blog Series About Email Subscription Bombs, Read Part 1 Here.

Email Security Best Practices

While every type of attack can't be stopped, it is crucial to make email safety a priority.

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60,000 New Emails! This is What Happens When Your Inbox Gets Subscription Bombed.

Hopefully, this has never happened to you. You open your email on Monday morning to find you’re bombarded with “Thank you for your subscription!” emails in all different languages - from all different newsletters you never signed up for. It’s called a “Subscription Bomb,” and while not as prominent as some recent phishing scams, our expert techs have helped clients who have been bombed to mitigate their risk of loss and configure their email settings to fight off future attacks.

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