Teams Exploratory Licenses Are Expiring: Here's What to Expect

If your business is utilizing Microsoft Teams Exploratory, your data is at risk of being deleted.


That’s right, no flowery introduction with metaphors and simile, just some really important information about what to expect when your Teams Exploratory license expires.

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Use These 5 Tips When Collaborating Externally in Office 365

Sharing content externally is easier than ever. Thanks to the cloud, you can do all kinds of things with data that would otherwise be impossible. The shift from a technology-driven to an intent-driven approach with Microsoft’s suite of offerings means end users are able to collaborate with the right people anywhere they are. 


Even with all the fancy technological advancements, external sharing remains a business risk. Any time something gets shared outside of your team, a door is opened for intruders. In a survey conducted by ShareGate, State of Microsoft 365: Migration, Modernization, and Security in 2021, only around 64% of IT teams manage or otherwise control the way each team works with people outside the company.  

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When Shouldn't You Migrate to the Cloud?

For all the good and wondrous things the mononymous “Cloud” can do for businesses, there’s a reason our refrain is always the same to our clients: Use what you need and not an ounce more. And while some of the talking heads around the IT community believe the Cloud is the be-all end-all for everyone everywhere, the reality is some teams just can’t leverage the tools. 


So rather than continue on about how glorious each individual tool is for your group – which we can and will do if you’re looking for that kind of information – we wanted to put together a much more practical look at some of the reasons your team may not turn to the Cloud for answers.  


And quite frankly, this blog as a whole is in no way an attempt to talk you out of or into utilizing specific tools, but an honest look at situations we discover every day for our clients, presented in a way that allows you to cross items off your own list at the same time.  


So without further adieu, let’s begin!  


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Using Microsoft 365 to Empower Your Remote Employees


From the web platform to the application, Microsoft 365 is that holy grail your team’s been looking for. Not only does Microsoft 365 help keep your team organized and on-task through online file storage and sharing, but it also comes with enhanced security features to keep your team safe wherever they log in from.  

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How to Get the Most Out of Microsoft Teams


Yes, there are a lot of similar options on the market and you may be using one of them successfully, but the reality is nothing quite touches Teams. Here we’ll explore helpful tips and tools that will assist your team in overcoming common challenges encountered within Teams and how to best use the app in your remote or hybrid office.

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