TechLink, A New Greenville Business & Technology Conference is Designed to Serve Today's Modern SMB

TechLink is a conference designed by business leaders for business leaders and any others whose positions give them a stake in the growth of their companies and organizations.

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How To Scale Your Business: 3 Rockefeller Secrets used by PTG

Successful CEO's read a lot of business development books. Here are two that you shouldn't skip. 

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5 Things a Managed Service Provider Should Be Doing For Your Business

IT support has changed a lot in the last few years. The wide-spread adoption of cloud technology has created more opportunities for IT professionals to be a partner in complete business optimization.

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Where, How and Why to Pin Documents

Pinning documents has become a very useful task. We are bombarded every day by so much digital information that any action that aids focus is a benefit to your productivity.

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PTG Founder/CEO, Reed Wilson Shares The Business Books That Have Helped Him The Most

Recently, I was asked: “What’s your favorite business book of all time?”.  I thought about this for a long time before I finally came to the realization that I couldn’t come up with just a single book.  So while it’s probably a cop out, here are my top three business books and the reasons why I recommend them.

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How To Host Productive Meetings Like A Pro This Year

One thing modern businesses can count on is having meetings. As more teams work remotely and different partners colloborate all over the world, the number of complex business meetings continues to rise.

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Why You Should Be Using a Modern Microsoft Sharepoint Site for Flexible, Fast, Mobile-friendly Networking.

Classic Sharepoint has been around since 2002, and, unfortunately, like most software built for simpler times it has been added to, patched and layered over until it has turned into an outdated and bloated beast.

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We moved! + Three Reasons to Include Your IT Company Early in an Office Move

If you’ve been to our office recently, you know we outgrew our space a while ago. People were double and triple stacked in offices. Two people in our break room was a crowd. And our sales team was in a separate office down the hall.

So, when our lease ended, we packed up and moved out to a newer, bigger office. You can now find us at:

330A Pelham Rd.
Suite 200
Greenville, SC 29615
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Things to do in Office 365 BEFORE you get breached

Cloud-based services, including Office 365, Google for Work, DropBox, and many more, are a big target for cybercriminals. Since the services are not behind your firewall, anyone with access to the internet can try to target your account. And since so much of our information is available on the internet, it makes for a “easy pickings” for the bad guys.

But there are some easy—and free!—things you can do make your Office 365 environment more secure. Unfortunately, almost no one wants to do these things until after their account gets compromised.


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Five Things to Include in your 2019 Technology Budget

Q4 means budgeting time for many companies. With the rapid pace of change in technology, it can be hard to figure out what to include in your budget—especially when you throw new regulations in the mix.

In addition to your standard technology budget items, there are a few things you need to make sure you include in your 2019 budget:

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