How To Collaborate, Share, and Manage Files in Microsoft Teams

Teams is much more than chat and meetings. Because Teams is built with SharePoint on the backend, it's a powerful portal for managing files--once you get comfortable with a few key features.

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Why You Should Be Using a Modern Microsoft Sharepoint Site for Flexible, Fast, Mobile-friendly Networking.

Classic Sharepoint has been around since 2002, and, unfortunately, like most software built for simpler times it has been added to, patched and layered over until it has turned into an outdated and bloated beast.

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Use Microsoft Flow to Match SharePoint File Names to Titles

If you are thinking about building out a modern intranet for your mobile workforce - it's a great time to take another look at SharePoint Online. Hear me out...I know that SharePoint has not been super well received in the past because it was clunky and not very user friendly.  The intent was good, but the implementation was really bad.

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From the Trenches: Reused email causes SharePoint Issue

Using an email address with only the first name or just first name and last initial works well for most small businesses. But it can occasionally cause confusion when you have multiple employees with the same name.

Normally, that’s when both employees still work there. We recently ran into a customer case where having a new employee with the same name as an old employee caused an onboarding issue in Office 365, specifically when adding the user to SharePoint Online sites.

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What to Know Before Moving Your Files to SharePoint

The most common use for SharePoint Online is to replace a shared company server. In fact, it's how we use it and we've helped dozens of businesses move their shared storage to SharePoint. Moving your shared company storage to SharePoint can greatly increase your employee productivity and eliminate the cost of maintaining a physical server. 

But over and over again, we see companies make the same mistake: they don’t want to take the time to properly plan their SharePoint infrastructure. Companies want to just pick up everything from their physical server and dump it directly onto SharePoint. 

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Microsoft & Office 365 Updates (Oct 2016)

Office Apps in 3D

Support for 3D models will be added in Word, Excel and PowerPoint over the next year for the Windows 10 Creators update. Office features work seamlessly with 3D models and users can insert them from their desktops or Remix 3D. PowerPoint allows even more effects and options when the users apply transitions and bring their presentations to life. Read More »

4 Programs to Better Manage Projects in Office 365


Edit 10/16/18: A lot has changed in Office 365 since we originally wrote this blog! Enough that we wrote a new blog, with some new program recommendations. You can read that here.


Using a project management application can provide significant benefits to companies looking to streamline processes in their businesses. It can greatly reduce time spent on planning as well as increase team productivity. It’s just a matter of finding which application is right for you.

If you’re using Office 365 (or considering moving to it soon), you likely already have a few options available to you (apps and programs vary by plan):

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Microsoft & Office 365 Updates (Sept 2016)

It was another big month for Microsoft updates reaching all of the client platforms they support.

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How to Recover a Deleted File in SharePoint

Ever accidentally delete something from SharePoint? There’s no reason to be concerned - everything can be recovered! Much like restoring something from the recycle bin on your PC, it’s a simple process.

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Microsoft & Office 365 Updates (August 2016)

Windows 10 Anniversary Update 

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update was released on August 2. Besides the normal security and vulnerability updates, Microsoft included a couple handy features I really enjoy like Sticky Notes (now integrated with Cortana), lock screen controls, and a new emoji keyboard. 

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