Sway vs. PowerPoint: What's the difference?

When we first wrote this comparison in 2015, Sway was a new app from Microsoft. It was fun and had its applications but was a little limited in scope. Since then, Microsoft has added a lot of new features, making this lesser known app a powerful tool for building interactive presentations.

But the question remains – Why would you use Sway to make a presentation when PowerPoint already exists? What’s the difference?

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7 Things to Try During Your Office 365 Trial

Moving to the cloud can be a big change for any business, no matter the size. Office 365 can be an incredibly powerful service for your business – the key word here is can. It isn't always right for every company. If you're considering Office 365 (or another cloud service), doing an Office 365 trial is your best bet for figuring out if it's right for you.

Here are few things to try during your trial to see if it’s a good fit for you.

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Powerpoint vs. Sway: What's the difference?

Hey there! Microsoft has been adding new features to both Sway and PowerPoint since this blog was originally written. Read the new version of this blog post for the most up to date information.


Recently, Microsoft introduced a new presentation building app called Sway (read our introductory blog post here or view our Sway about Sway here). An obvious first question is "why would Microsoft introduce a new presentation building app when they already have PowerPoint?" The answer – because not all presentations are created equal.

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Discover These Two Lesser Known Office 365 Programs

The cornerstones of Office 365 are familiar to most of us – Outlook, Word, Powerpoint, etc… but what about those other icons in your portal screen? Let’s explore two of those less familiar programs – Delve and Sway – and how they’re useful.

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